Since its creation in 1983, Algo has become renowned for its expertise in designing, developing, integrating and supporting integrated software solutions.



Proven Expertise

As a company involved in large-scale projects for the past 30 years, we are proud to have developed an enviable position on the market and to offer quality services which meet the needs of current and future clients.

Algo is an innovative company that adapts its products to its clients’ needs, while safeguarding the durability of the investments made.

Our Mission

Algo is committed to offering the best possible environment for the use of its software solutions by building on the company’s ability to innovate and its passion in diligently providing required services with precision, based on its clients’ expectations.

Our Values

Working with respect | Getting people involved | Making room for innovation | Acting with honesty and integrity | Being fair | Contributing to everyone’s prosperity | Respecting the environment | The right to inform and the duty to communicate 

All of our employees are professionals in their own fields and deserve to benefit from the best possible environment to accomplish their tasks and carry out their mandates. Our values are a reflection of this commitment.

Philosophy of partnership

Algo advocates a philosophy which places emphasis on partnership and collaboration. This allows the company to create meaningful relationships with its clients and fosters an environment which leads to successful large-scale projects.

Algo is continually working to improve and ensure the quality of its services and of its products, for the benefit of its clients, while promoting an ever better future for its team.

Collaborating with our employees is therefore essential so they can develop their potential, grow and progress in the company. Knowing and applying good business practices in the company always helps when implementing high quality standards and when sharing knowledge with new employees and managers.