Accounting and management

These modules are equipped with the tools required when doing accounting and financial management
at the transactional, operational and strategic levels.


Ledger | Budget | Accounts Payable | Accounts Receivable | Purchasing and Inventory Capital Assets | Activities and Projects | Bank Transactions

Equip your company with accounting and financial management modules (program units) at the transactional, operational and strategic level.

Choose an integrated system and analytical tools to simplify your financial accounting and project accounting decision-making.


Comes with its own financial report and performance indicator generator; combined with the Manager Portal, this is the ideal tool to create financial dashboards.


Finalize your budget using the past years’ performance history, projections, distribution charts, models and multiple budget scenarios.

Accounts Payable

Each organization deals with this on a daily basis, but it can be a strategic tool when the proper functions are interlaced with the software’s other modules.

Accounts Receivable

Predicts a company’s full cycle: sales order, invoicing, receipts; it also provides tools used to remind and follow-up with clients.

Purchasing and Inventory

Management system for the full purchasing cycle: purchase orders, receiving orders, sales contracts and full inventory management. Analysis per project, services, storing transactions allows for an efficient management of the purchasing cycle based on each organization’s specific needs.

Capital Asset

Management of capital assets as well as monitoring acquisition costs, amortization and asset disposal. Automatic computing of periodical amortization based on accounting classes and various amortization methods make it possible for capital assets to go through a periodic depreciation to generate asset value, classes, categories and location.

Activities and Projects

Financial analysis per project costs and analysis of cash flow results per project and activity. Per project detailed and summary financial transaction analyses are possible. Tools to record operational budgets per projects and activities.

Bank Transactions

Consolidation of accounting transactions linked to the organization’s bank accounts in one single place, making it possible to create bank reconciliation.