Human resources

Manage compensation and follow up on various aspects of your employee files via a great number of modules and tools which meet managers’ needs and requirements.



A cloud computing solution which simplifies and automates your recruiting/placement process and helps you quickly find candidates that will enrich your company.


The different basic aspects of human resource management are handled via a single employee file. Emergency contact numbers, education, equipment loan, absenteeism, doctors’ notes, work-related injuries and many other dimensions are all essential elements to keep from the time an employee is hired until his retirement.


Efficiently carry out planning, registration and following-up on the employees’ training participation while automating the accounting of all costs incurred and acquisition of abilities.

Positions, Abilities
and Assessment

Centralize management of an employee’s abilities and carry out his annual assessment directly from the application. Furthermore, documenting all aspects of that employee's position is now possible.

and Safety

An administrative management tool for health and safety files for companies that carry out retrospection. Its functionalities make it possible to generate statistics, create reports and create forms required by CNESST and to rigorously and extensively manage the files pertaining to incidents that affect employees’ health.

Work relations

Management of complaints, disciplinary measures and feedback are all tools created to help you manage your work relations and its relevant documentation.

via Surveys

Create short forms and use them to succinctly assess an employee in probation or survey all of the employees on different organizational aspects.