Portals and Mobile App

The portals and the mobile app for employees are a way to broadcast, collect, confirm and display information to accompany all of our modules.

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Managers, supervisors and employees can access job-required data
via applications which run on an intranet or a smartphone.
Decentralization, empowerment and satisfaction will therefore become realistic and achievable goals.



The employee can access his personal file, making it possible to enter time sheets, register for a training session, request a leave of absence as well as view his profile, pay stubs, bank account balances and all other information related to his job.


The supervisor will find all necessary tools to approve requests, centralize information, manage schedules, replacements and assess his employees.


Makes it possible to decentralize purchase requisitions via the Web interface using the company’s various service points. With the Approval Station, you can manage approval of requisitions and automate the authorization process to emit purchase orders.

Mobile App

Thanks to the mobile application, the employee can access his personal file via his mobile phone and can therefore punch in, see his schedule and view pay stubs.