Schedules, time and attendance

Manage schedules, capture and approve time and absences and replace your employees in one centralized location.



Plan work schedules per employee, per department or per project and send them via the Web with our portals.

Time capture

Record your employee’s start and end punch times using our physical time stamps, our virtual punch, our phone-in punch or our mobile app (AppGo).


Record the number of hours spent on each project via the timesheet on the Web Employee portal. This allows employees to become more responsible and to spend less time processing payroll.

Time approval

Allow your supervisors to view, modify and approve the number of hours worked per employee using the Supervisor Portal and automate pre-defined rules for processing overtime.

Planning for absences and replacements

Simplify vacation and absence planning by allowing employees to make their time-off requests and by allowing supervisors to approve them by better organizing replacements.